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It may here be started that "Tarini Education Trust" has been registered bearing No.69/2001. Under this Trust two Organizations, namely Orissa Institute of Fire Engineering & Safety Management(OIFESM) and Indian Institute of Plumbing Technique(IIPT) have been established in the year 2001 and 2014 respectively.

Orissa Institute of Fire Engineering & Safety Management(OIFESM):

Orissa Institute of Fire Engineering & Safety Management(OIFESM) :- This institute is functioning at Baramunda. This is a Training Institute, Imparting training to the students in Fire & Safety Management including Industrial Safety. It Has got a full fledged Laboratory and all the required equipment for conducting training in Fire & Safety Measures. The Institute has been affiliated to Director of Technical Education and Training (DTE&T Govt. of Odisha), Punjab Technical University (PTU), Karnatak State Open University (KSOU), Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS). We have also been authorized by department of MSME Govt. of India who conduct training courses in Industrial Fire Safety and Energy Management & Audit. Training classes are going on in full swing at present under the aforesaid two courses of department of MSME, Govt. of India. Our corporate office is located at CRP Square. We have got a Chairman as the head of the office, an Advisor, Director Admn & Director Finance, besides a host of other official staff. We have nine experienced and efficient Faculty Members who are engaged in imparting training to the students in Fire & Safety. We have got about 250 students who have been enrolled for under different courses. Their are being mobilized by group of counselors sitting in our office. We are also attending Job Fairs Organized by Govt.of Odisha in different Districts ,and thereby giving placement to the students and job aspirants. Due to our sincere efforts and determination we have been recognized at various levels for our positive contributions. We are associated with so many big industries of the state in fire and safety intervention. We have setup hydrants, sprinkler etc in those industries. We have also tie-up with Indian Railways for fire safety training and operation. We have also work in association with renowned builders of state for insuring safety to the high rising buildings and apartment.

Indian Institute of Plumbing Technique (IIPT) : Training Partner of Indian Plumbing Skill Council (IPSC)

Indian Institute of Plumbing Technique (IIPT) :-

During the year 12014 another Institute has been established under Tarini Education Trust” in the name of IIPT.This institute is functioning at Kolathia. We have been affiliated to Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) National Development Agency Promoted by Govt.of India for this. We are providing regular courses that is six month Certificate course in Plumbing & One year course in Plumbing also. In the mean while, we have been affiliated to Indian Plumbing Skill Council (IPSC) under the National Skill Development Council.

We have experience in Fire & Safety Measures for last 15 years and we have got Nine efficient Trainers for training purpose.

So far as our competence in mining intervention is concern frequently started here that we are imparting training in Fire, Safety & Industrial Safety Measures which are 3 important requirements of the society today. As we are mainly concerned with Fire Safety, our passed out student have shown admirable result in the aforesaid aspects. We have got a group of trained and efficient faculty who are in imparting training our students in the training institute Baramunda. Our student under probation in Fire & Safety also visits mine & mining areas so as to acquire first hand knowledge on the mining operations. Hence we have got practical knowledge in this way which will be definitely helpful or the entire mining intervention as per your Job Role. We are therefore fully confident that we can rise up to the occasion and ful fill your aspirations as a Training Partner. We are also taking up plumbing work in the newly constructed Buildings, Malls and Apartments. Our trained personnel are also delivering valuable service to the people in towns, cities and also in rural areas. We are confident that, as we are deeply involved in Fire ,Safety and Plumbing work we can satisfactorily discharge our responsibilities when assigned with in other related field also.


Our esteemed Organinsation, Tarini Education Trust has been affiliated as a Training Partner under Construction Sector Skill Council of India, NSDC (Govt. of India), New Delhi.


There is also a proposal to be a Training Partner in Mining Sector Skill Council of India, NSDC (Govt. of India), New Delhi & the process is already on to appoint us as a Training Partner in the same intervention.

In consideration of all the aforesaid enumerations taking, our credibility to account we may be appointed as a training partner in mining under your esteemed organization.

I hope and trust that this letter of mine will be attached considerable importance that it deserves in view up the importance and seriousness of the matter and action taken accordingly under intimation to me in the interest of the society at large.

Since time immemorial, man is striving for a peaceful & descent life in a civilized society like that of ours. Man is toiling hard in the society & earning money & creating wealth for living a healthy & descent life. But he faces the greatest predicament in life when a match stick takes away all his happiness by burning his wealth & all that gathers in his life time.

Hence there is total lead for safeguarding the life & property of the human being, being conscious of its devastating & destructing consequences of Fire. Security-Cum-Fire has therefore become absolutely necessary to save human life & property.


This Organization was started under Tarini Education Trust.This Trust was established in the year 2001 under Trust Act bearing Registration No.-69/2001,with the sole intention of establishing different Teaching Organization& bringing them under one Umbrella, i.e. Tarini Education Trust. It's main intention is to disseminate knowledge in Fire Safety & Industrial Security & of late another Institution in the name of another Institution of INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PLUMBING TECHNIQUE (IIPT) has been established with affiliation to BharatSevakSamaj,Thiruvananthapuram.

Why Choose Us?

In short the principal objective of OIFESM is to ensure Security of life & property from Fire by way of imparting training to the use who can rise of to the occasion at the time necessity. II. WHETHER MOVABLE AND IMMOVABLE ASSETS HAVE BEEN LEGALLY TRANSFERRED IN THE NAME OF THE SOCIETY/ TRUST SEEKING RECOGNITION AS DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY:

Our Mission

The movable and immovable property have not been transferred to the Trust, but the two training centers i.e. one at Baramunda & other at Kolathia are being used fully & exclusively for training purposes for imparting necessary training to the use on Fire Safety & Plumbing Technique.

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